Petrol cooler


Petrol cooler

This photo shows a cooler for cooling the residual petrol not fed to the injection nozzles, before it is again fed into the injection cycle.

The full-surface heating of the aluminium in the flame brazing technique can be clearly seen. For brazing aluminium we recommend BrazeTec brazing alloy BrazeTec BrazeTec L88/12 with a working temperature of ca. 590°C. For removing the oxide layer, BrazeTec F30/70 flux can be used. The residual flux must be removed because of the danger of corrosion. Alternatively, BrazeTec F32/80 can also be used. The residual flux in this case is not corrosive.

The component to be brazed experiences essentially uniform heating if it is always passed through an appropriately chosen flame field in the same way, as in the flame brazing unit shown in the photo.

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